MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It’s New Year’s Day, which means some new state laws are going into effect today.

The laws range from changes in child care to insurance for your portable electronic device and a new provision for school buses.

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All school buses in Minnesota that are manufactured after today will now need to be equipped with a crossing control arm on the right front bumper that would automatically extend when the bus is stopped and flashing lights are on. There are additional specifications for buses that are being updated to 2010 standards, replacing standards from 2005.

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Young parents will benefit from a new law in day care that is aiming to help those who want to finish school. There will be an extension to the number of absent days that child care providers can be reimbursed when children of young mothers who are still in school miss day care. The old limit was 10 days, but now can be exceeded for certain families who meet the criteria.

If you buy a portable electronic device and want insurance on it, it’s no longer part of a package deal. A law passed in 2010 now makes it mandatory for insurance to be sold separately from the device.

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Health care providers are also now prohibited from using third parties to solicit business from those who have been hurt in auto accidents. The law limits the chances of unethical business practices.