By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – CNN has settled with the family of a Minnesota mother who set herself on fire after she was called “Vodka Mom” on Nancy Grace’s show

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Police say Toni Medrano drank a fifth of vodka before falling asleep on a sofa with her 3-week-old son next to her.

She woke the next morning to find the child dead. Family members claimed she killed herself after appearing on the show.

Jason Medrano says his wife Toni was never the same after an appearance on Grace’s show, where she was dubbed “Vodka Mom” by the host.

“She was like, ‘She called me a murderer,’ and it started sinking in, and all the comments – it took a big toll,” Jason said.

Family members say Medrano became distant, changed her hair, wore hats and sunglasses and refused to go out in public.

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Less than a month after the Nancy Grace show featured her, Medrano committed suicide by lighting herself on fire in the backyard of her mother’s home.

They believe after the show, she went into a tailspin from which she never recovered.

The family’s attorney, Michael Padden, says an agreement has been made between the Medranos and CNN.

“We were able to settle a case short of having to commence a lawsuit,” Padden said.

Padden was unable to go over details of the settlement when WCCO spoke with him by phone Saturday as both sides agreed to a non-disclosure clause.

“My clients are happy that the matter is resolved,” Padden said.

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The settlement is subject to a judge’s approval of the amount both parties agreed on. That will be determined in a hearing set for Jan. 17.

Reg Chapman