MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you like skiing, or just want to try something new this winter.

Snow-kiting might be right up your alley!

Mike Kratochwill makes it look easy.

“It’s been around 15 years, in Minnesota 10 years,” he said. “We have so many riding options and locations around here.”

Today it’s a field in Maple Grove. The only problem is the wind.

“At a minimum we need 7 to 8 mph and we’re about at 6 mph right now,” he said. “There are different shapes and weights, but ultimately you need wind to fly a kite.”

Even the professionals then struggle to get going.

You can do the sport on skis or a snowboard, but you have to get the kite movement down before you can ever strap in.

Training kites run between $100 to $300. The big ones are in the thousands, but the cost isn’t stopping the interest.

“I’ve been in the sport since 2004 and we’ve seen slow, steady growth,” he said.

Once up, it’s just like a sail boat.

“Snow-kiting in Minnesota?” Kratochwill said. “It just makes sense.”

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