MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In light of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, many lawmakers are pushing for changes in gun regulation. Congressman Rick Nolan is among those who want to enact a ban on assault weapons. He’s also emphasizing regulation on mental health screening.

In a recent interview on CBS Face the Nation, Nolan said “I’m a hunter. I believe in second amendment rights. But you know what? I don’t need an assault weapon to shoot a duck.”

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Surprised by the stance of the lawmakers, Stewart Mills posted an open letter to Nolan and Minnesota’s US senators clarifying their danger. Mills family owns Mills Fleet Farms. He told WCCO that what he said in the online video are his own thoughts, not those of the company or his family.

In the video, Mills argues Nolan’s duck hunting shotgun is more lethal than an assault rifle, and the intent behind one weapon versus another doesn’t make it morally superior.

Larry Yatch is the CEO of Sealed Mindset. The Hopkins firearm studio teaches gun and personal safety. Yatch says one of the most important things to understand isn’t what you’re shooting, but what happens once you shoot.

To best compare the destruction caused by a shotgun and an semi-automatic, Yatch, a retired Navy SEAL, fired an equal amount of rounds into four practice targets.

While the semi-automatic was more accurate, the shotgun did more damage. It also took much less time to fire the shotgun rounds than it did with the semi-automatic.

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But still, some of the shots missed the training target.

“With the pellets, two or three went off center,” he said. “And that’s the nature of a shotgun. It’s not a precision device.”

If pellets miss the target, Mills says others will get hurt.

“When I’m defending my family, the last thing I’m going to want to do is jeopardize the safety of my wife or my children,” he said.

Mills doesn’t believe in limiting Second Amendment Rights, saying if we want to protect kids, we need to do that by putting armed security in schools.

Yatch stressed education about guns helps eliminate the fear that often times surrounds them.

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In a prepared statement, Representative Nolan said the first solution lies in better mental health. Second, he’d like to see a ban on civilian purchase of military assault weapons, maximum capacity shell clips and require background checks. You can read his full statement here.