By Jason DeRusha

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The biggest trend in restaurants right now is fast casual.

You can get burritos at Chipotle and burgers at Five Guys.

So how about sausage?

Some Twin Cities guys think that could be the next national chain with New Bohemia Wurst and Bier Haus, located in northeast Minneapolis at Hennepin and University avenues.

There’s no lederhosen in this bier hall, but New Bohemia has the feel of a German Rathskeller.

Jeff Bornmann is one of the owners. He’s watched as burger joints became the hot food trend, so he decided, “Why not sausage?”

“A burger’s a burger,” he said. “But a sausage can be rattlesnake and rabbit, a sausage can be pheasant.”

General manager Eric Cameron brought me the rattlesnake rabbit jalapeno sausage.

“I don’t know what rattlesnake is supposed to taste like, but it’s delicious,” DeRusha said.

They’ve got a garlicky Filipino sausage and a spicy chicken habanero. There are brats and Italians too.

The German-style sausage is hickory smoked pork beneath that mushroom topping.

They don’t make them in-house, and they’re not trying to compete with the legendary sausage makers two doors down at Kramarczuk’s.

And having a smaller footprint is key to New Bohemia’s national ambitions. The ownership isn’t shy: they want this to be a national business.

There’s 32 beers on tap and flights of beer for just $8.

The side options are simple: spinach salad with hot bacon dressing. A refreshing cole slaw, and some killer french fries.

Jason DeRusha