ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – The “Body Worlds” exhibit is back at the Science Museum in St. Paul.

You might remember the real human bodies that are preserved for science.  The latest exhibit is called “Body Worlds and the Cycle of Life.”

What makes it different this time is that the real human specimines will display how the body grows, matures and wanes. WCCO-TV got a sneak peak at the exhibit on Friday.

In addition to body sculptures, there are also molds of inner organs to show the structure of the human body. Skeletons also help to show how the human body comes together as it grows.

Mike Day, the executive vice president of the Science Museum, is excited about the exhibit returning. It was first at the museum in 2006.

“It was the most successful exhibition at any museum in our part of the world. Three quarters of a million people came and not a week has gone by without a phone call or an email asking when we were going to bring it back,” Day said.

Day said every body sculpture at the exhibit this year is brand new. Some of the new sculptures include a skateboarder, baseball player and hockey players, especially relevant for Minnesota.

The exhibition tells the story of the human life as it grows and matures. It’s about the human body in all stages of life.


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