MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Ted Cheesebrough is a corporate lawyer by day, an assistant hockey coach by night. And he’s a thrill seeker by nature.

Is he crazy?

“In a healthy way, yeah. A little bit,” he said.

The Centennial boys varsity team that Cheesebrough helps coach agrees with that assessment, especially when they heard he’ll be doing the Red Bull Crashed Ice on Thursday.

“I wouldn’t do it myself, but that fits Teddy,” said center Adam Anderson.

“Some crazy people do that, and I think Teddy qualifies,” said left wing Hans Gorowsky.

Make no mistake, the coach affectionately known as Teddy knows what he’s getting into. He watched Red Bull’s Crashed Ice last year and still decided to try out this year. And he put on war paint just for the occasion.

“Seeing that thing last year — seeing how incredible it looked — I thought I’ve got to do that,” Cheesebrough said. “So then I was lucky enough to qualify and get down there. And, yeah, I’m fired up.”

Fired up for a 460 meter course across sheer ice, and reaching speeds of up to 40 mph. Also, there’s a 130 foot drop from top to bottom — the equivalent of about 10 stories.

Teddy is so fired up he made T-shirts for the hockey team, and a jersey for himself that highlights his wife and four kids.

“I [hope] to survive,” he said. “Or, as one of my co-workers says, if he calls me on Monday morning and I’m sitting in one piece, then I am the winner.”


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