MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two weeks ago, the Miss America organization crowned their new queen, Mallory Hagan. Since then, we’ve learned she is devoted to the new fitness program CrossFit.

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As it turns out, CrossFit has a really strong following. A lot of celebrities do it, from Brad Pitt to Kelly Clarkson and Jessica Biel.

The physical exercises of CrossFit push you to the brink, but only for 20 minutes.

Natalie Kane tried it and said that it is one of the hardest workouts she has ever done. She tried the program at The Firm Minneapolis, and quickly learned why people love this workout.

Michelle Trombetta has been doing Crossfit for two years.

“I’m nearly 40 years old and I have more energy, I feel better, I have a higher metabolism and I look better than I did in my 20s,” she said. “I tried on my wedding dress on our  anniversary a few months ago, and it fell right off of me.”

The exercise system combines strength and cardiovascular training done in high intensity intervals.

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“You can get leaner, you’ll get stronger and faster. You can get more flexible,” Crossfit trainer Natalie Johnson said. “People see their bodies change a ton when they start CrossFit.”

Class kicks off with a warm up and assignment of exercises called “modalities.” The day Kane attended, the agenda included a 500-meter row, 12 weighted ball tosses and eight deadlifts.

The possiblities and combinations are endless. When put together, they become the “WOD,” or workout of the day.

“The WOD is where it varies immensely.  It varies in what modality you’re using.  Are you lifting weights, Are you projecting something? Are you running, rowing?  Whatever you’re doing, the time changes, the rep scheme varies,” Johnson said.

Though you only do it for 20 minutes total, people say they see a continuous progression from the method.

“It’s really a nice way of challenging your body rather than doing the same class over and over again,” Trombetta said.

Because CrossFit training can be changed and modified to fit each individual, the result is a class filled with all age groups and genders.

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“If you want a challenge that’s going to give you dramatic results fast, CrossFit is for you,” said 64-year-old Pierce McNally, who has recently completed two Tough Mudder obstacle courses.