MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Don’t have plans for dinner Sunday night? You’re in luck.

Sundays are becoming more exciting at Twin Cities restaurants, with chefs trying new things at lower prices.

Jason DeRusha ate a four-course vegetarian meal at a Minneapolis restaurant known for its meat. On Washington near First Avenue in Minneapolis, Haute Dish has made a name with its take on tater tot haute dish – a giant hunk of short rib.

So you might be surprised that for 110 weeks, Haute Dish has offered a four-course meatless Sunday.

“You gotta be creative and do fun things to bring people in,” said owner Tim Johnson. “That’s the beauty of it. I’m not a vegetarian, but for an adventurous eater, it’s a good time for them to try something new.’

And look at the beautiful meatless dishes these guys are creating. Joe Campbell and Jared Storseth create a new meatless menu every week.

“Each cook chooses one course, they divvy up ingredients, and sometimes there is a little fighting over who gets to use what,” Johnson said. “But they all work it out in the end.”

First: it’s a spinach salad with cauliflower, cubes of gruyère pea, and the star — a piquillo pepper vinaigrette.

Next course: “Root vegetable three ways,” Johnson said. “Parsnips that have been roasted. Roasted and shaved carrots as well, and some blue cheese and date puree.”

And the third course blows up the idea that vegetarian food is boring, and healthy. It’s fried cheese curds outside, fresh curds inside, and the broccoli and cheddar arancini coated in.

Three veggies courses, plus a dessert, for just $30 dollars every Sunday. And Haute Dish has a great weekend brunch.

Jason DeRusha