Super Bowl XLVII is almost here, and now that the Ravens and 49ers are dealing with all the festivities of this week, this will be the challenging part. Both teams should the treat the trip to New Orleans as a business trip.

John Harbaugh stressed earlier in the week that, “Yes, we want to enjoy it, but we want to enjoy all the things about it that make it special. You can do all those other things anytime. You can do them next week if you want, but you aren’t going to be going to the Super Bowl next week. You are going to be going to the Super Bowl this week. It’s a very special moment, so let’s enjoy all the things pertaining to the football game and the preparation and all those things and a little time with our families. That will be our priority. I will be shocked if our guys have their focus anywhere other than that. I know that our leaders – starting with this guy right over here [points to Ray Lewis] – are going to be a big part of that.” The catalyst for the purple and black is Lewis, with him being a part of the 2000 Super Bowl team, it can give the team a an experienced advantage. Except when he gets bombarded with PED questions, which he deflected.

Another impact player is Ray Rice, who seems to be taking in every moment of this week. That’s what it’s all about, have “some” fun, then they get down to real work . Rice will have to be able to get his legs going in the Dome, which is convenient because the previous three games were played outside in frigid temperatures. Playing indoors, should help both the running and the passing game. All the Ravens have to worry about is the other team, the 49ers. The Ravens are riding momentum into New Orleans; they have a mindset to finish the job. We all wonder who will that player be to step up and guide them to a victory? ; Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Joe Flacco, Ed Reed or Terrell Suggs ? Many possible players can take home that MVP trophy but only one team will bring home the Lombardi trophy…

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