ROCHESTER, Minn. (WCCO) — A little more than 100,000 people live in Rochester – but how is the city reacting to the news of a possible influx of 30,000 new Mayo Clinic employees?

The Mayo has always been considered the heart of the city, and everyone WCCO talked with on Wednesday said more workers would mean more opportunities.

Scott Foster owns Chester’s Kitchen and Bar in downtown Rochester, and he — and his patrons — are raising a glass to Mayo.

Those who work downtown see it as an opportunity for their own businesses to bring in new customers.

“If one thing starts thriving downtown, then everything starts thriving,” said one of Chester’s patrons.

Many are also excited for new housing options, restaurants and art shops for their families.

“It means economic growth, stability in jobs, and just uplift the community as a whole,” said another patron of Chester’s.

Because while restaurants like Chester’s have a good crowd now, the plan hopes to also attract better quality of life options, which should make it easier to attract a top workforce.

“It’s great for everyone,” Foster said.

Some people now want to hear the city’s plans, pointing out it could add stress to roads and infrastructure like schools.


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