MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Many students from Minneapolis South High School are disappointed after Thursday’s brawl that sent four to the hospital and had police dispensing mace above the crowd.

Students described seeing hundreds of their classmates throwing punches and calling names. And those who were taken to the hospital suffered minor injuries.

Parents – and their children – said they were just glad no weapons were used in the brawl that started inside a packed lunchroom.

“I seen a good 300 kids fighting; a big riot,” Abdi Sheikh said. “Punches to the face, everything. Guys beating girls up. Disrespectful things, man.”

The fight started during the first lunch period, and escalated into a full brawl by the third lunch period.

Witnesses say a fight between an African American girl and a Somali girl made the situation even more tense.

One student said he got pushed, stomped on and punched.

The school was placed on code yellow, and many students knew that meant the doors were to be locked, and no one could leave the classroom.

“It was not a good look for our school,” Sheikh added.

After-school activities will go on as planned for Thursday night.

Class is in session for Friday.

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