OAKDALE, Minn. (WCCO) — A memorial now stands where a gunman opened fire on random vehicles in Oakdale this week.

Devin Aryal, 9, was the only person killed in the attack, and moments before, he was at daycare.

And at his daycare, a Nintendo DS in his cubby is a reminder of good times with his friends.

“We used to play the DS together, and we played board games,” Nathan Berger said.

In the days since Devin’s death, daycare provider Pam Reilly has struggled.

“I couldn’t even come here until Wednesday,” she said. “It’s pretty hard.”

On Friday, Devin’s daycare friends wore green at Oakdale Elementary. They joined other students for a special yearbook photo that will go to Devin’s mom.

The daycare is located fewer than two blocks from where police say Nhan Lap Tran opened fire on passing cars, killing Devin, wounding his mother, and another woman.

A different memorial now marks where the tragedy played out.

Reilly says healing will be a process for the children. Her focus now is to make sure they feel safe.

The family has finalized funeral plans, and Devin will be laid to rest on Monday.

Services will be held at Guardian Angels Church in Oakdale.

There is a fund in Devin’s name at the U.S. Bank in Oakdale off of 10th Street, and there’s also a bowling fundraiser at Pinz in Oakdale, too.

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