GAYLORD, Minn. (WCCO) — Some Twin Cities day care providers are paying close attention to who’s calling them these days. A man on the other end has been asking a lot of questions about the kids being cared for inside.

Sibley County is investigating after at least seven calls in the last week. The man calling says that he works for Pampers and that the person he is calling has won free diapers.

Katie, who didn’t want WCCO to use her last name, is one provider who got the call last week.

“He wanted to know the ages of my kids, or if any of them were in diapers,” she said.

Katie said he sounded unprofessional and it raised a red flag with her right away. When she questioned him more he hung up.

“It’s just really unsettling and just not a very comforting feeling,” she said.

Arlington Police Chief Bruce Rovinsky has reports on two calls in the last week. The Sibley County Sheriff’s Office took five reports.

“We don’t get this sort of thing every day,” Rovinsky said.

The Arlington Police Department has stepped up patrols, particularly around bus stops in the morning and when buses drop off in day care neighborhoods each afternoon.

Even more troubling, there have been at least two reports of a car snapping pictures outside day cares in Sibley County. Police right now don’t see a connection.

It all has Katie keeping a close eye out the window and on every call.

“I just want an explanation,” she said.

WCCO contacted Pampers. The company said the calls are in no way affiliated with their organization and that they have strict rules for reaching out to organizations and customers.


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