MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It was a wish so big that even Make-A-Wish Foundation said they couldn’t do it alone.

That’s when employees at Morrie’s Automotive Group stepped up to volunteer their time and resources to turn a wish into a reality.

That’s because renovating a classic Dodge Charger has turned into a 500-hour labor of love.

“The ’68 Charger is kind of a classic American muscle car,” said Karl Schmidt, COO of Morrie’s Automotive Group. “It’s in the ‘Fast And Furious’ movies.”

A 1968 Dodge had been sitting in 16-year-old Matthew’s garage, waiting for its chance at adventure.

That chance came when those at Morrie’s — alongside Matthew’s family — picked up the car and towed it on trailer from the small town of Canyon, Minn. all the way to the Twin Cities.

“He had this desire to get his car restored and nobody could really touch it,” Schmidt said.

Matthew has been battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma for a few years, and although a renovation has long been his wish, it can cost north of $50,000.

That’s where Morrie’s came in.

“We can make a difference doing something we love,” Schmidt said.

The first step? Removing the original engine for a tune-up. Then they disassembled the car, and took the body panels apart.

It’s getting primed, not only for new paint, but for the ride of its life.

After 500 hours of work, the car will have a brand new black leather interior, a fresh coat of paint, souped up wheels, and authentic plates.

“He’ll be the coolest kid in school,” Schmidt said.

Matthew will get to see the finished product at a “reveal night” that Morrie’s are planning come spring.

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