ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – They are stuck somewhere in the land of “not sure what to expect.” The Minnesota Wild are in position to make a run, but they just can’t sustain any high level of play for any length of time.

Who are these guys? They’ve been bad, and they’ve been good. So far, what we know is we don’t know much.

Forward Matt Cullen says the team is in search for their mojo.

“We’ve been showing flashes of it, but that’s it – flashes. We haven’t had, like, our full game yet where we can play, you know, to our level,” Cullen said. “We got to find it, and we got to bring it every night.”

What we do know is that they expect a lot. They have underachieved, and forward Zach Parise says the team is well aware.

“There’s definitely frustration, and that’s OK. There’s nothing wrong with being frustrated. But I just think that we just have to be a lot better on a regular basis,” Parise said.

Everyone seems to be in agreement that the Wild needs to be more consistent and should be more consistent. But the question is how do you get there?

In the world of hockey the answer is usually the same – more effort. Defensemen Ryan Suter agrees.

“It has to be the work ethic. I mean, when we outwork other teams there’s a good chance we’re gonna win the game,” Suter said.

But that’s really been life in the NHL for a lot of teams. The Wild are unhappy because they are a lot like most of the league. Right winger Devin Setoguchi says the team is still congealing.

“Guys are still trying to create some chemistry with each other. So the change isn’t going to happen from outside this dressing room, so we gotta believe in here that we’re a great team and we’re gonna win,” Setoguchi said.


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