MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A St. Louis Park father has been sentenced for aiming an AK-47 at group of children he thought had stolen Halloween candy from one of his children.

Orrin Hager was ordered to serve 120 days in the Hennepin County Workhouse and pay a $500 fine. He may be eligible for electronic home monitoring and work release. He pleaded guilty to one felony count of second-degree assault in early February.

According to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, Hager pulled up to a group of kids near 27th Street and Brunswick Avenue last November. The kids say Hager began yelling at them and then got out of his car to confront them.

That’s when he pointed an AK-47 at the group of kids. He told them he pulled out the gun because he thought the kids weren’t taking him seriously.

Hager’s attorney initially told WCCO that his client never pointed a gun at anyone, but does regret the confrontation he had with the kids.

Hager’s sentencing also has conditions, which include: Anger management, cognitive skill training, psychiatric evaluation/treatment, psychological evaluation/treatment, supply DNA sample, no use or possession of firearms or dangerous weapons, correctly follow probation instructions, take medications in prescribed dosage and frequency, remain law-abiding and continue with therapy.


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