ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) –- Though authorities still have not found a body, a St. Paul man has been charged with murdering his wife after authorities found traces of blood throughout the couple’s home.

Jeffery Trevino was charged with felony second-degree murder by the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office Thursday morning in connection with Kira Trevino’s disappearance. The charges have been signed by a judge and bail has been set at $1 million.

Jeffery Trevino, 39, first reported his wife missing to St. Paul Police on Sunday morning, saying that she was suffering “a midlife crisis.” He said she’d disappear for days at a time. Later that day, Kira Trevino’s mother also called police, concerned that Jeffery may have hurt her daughter.

When her car was discovered in a parking ramp Friday morning with her not around, St. Paul Police say they saw evidence of blood along the rim of the trunk, and also found a trunk liner nearby that had blood on it. Her cell phone and purse were found inside.

Police went to Jeffery Trevino’s house to execute a search warrant. The criminal complaint says they saw a number of freshly washed towels and clothes there, with bleach bottles and a mop and bucket, as well as carpet cleaner.

Investigators said there were blood spatters found in the master bedroom, in the living room, the bathroom, the hall, and also in the basement. Investigators say blood was found on the bedroom carpet, in the shape of a human head and torso.

Though investigators say Jeffery Trevino’s wife is still missing, they say there is probable cause to conclude she is dead, based on the amount of blood police found and the fact that she hasn’t contacted anyone for a week.

“Although a body has not been recovered, we believe that the victim has been murdered by the defendant, and is no longer alive,” said John Choi, Ramsey County prosecutor.

Jeffery Trevino was arrested and booked at the Ramsey County Jail on suspicion of homicide.

“The defendant in this particular case took a number of actions to be evasive and cover up this murder,” Choi said.

Prosecutors say Trevino washed his clothing and used bleach to clean up blood evidence at his home.

Also, on Wednesday police received surveillance video from Mall of America, showing someone parking Kira Trevino’s car in a ramp last Friday — the last day her husband or anyone else claims to have seen her.

The person threw out a blood-stained trunk liner, before taking a cab — that GPS shows — and stopped just a block away from the Trevino’s home.

“All of his schemes and his efforts to cover up this crime have been foiled by a lot of hard work,” Choi said.

Jeffery Trevino told police that he and Kira had a date night Thursday, and that she left home Friday morning to go tanning and to work out.

According to court papers, she never did either that day.

Kira Trevino’s mother, Marcie Steger, said she felt angry, betrayed, upset and confused after hearing of Jeffery Trevino’s arrest. The criminal complaint says that Kira Trevino told family members she had been having marital problems and was considering leaving her husband.

The two had been together for eight years and married for at least three, but a family member said they never really got to know him well.

The search for Kira is ongoing though police haven’t said where they’re looking. Jeffery Trevino is not cooperating.

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