MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The double name may have given it away. Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield, WCCO-TV’s newest reporter, is not from around here. She grew up in Georgia and has been working in South Carolina for the past few years. Only once has she covered a snow storm.

Things have changed. Here is what she had to say Monday about her first day in Minnesota snow:

I’ve been in Minnesota for one week to the day. First saw the white stuff when I crossed into Wisconsin, and the whole week I’ve marveled at it.

Snow seems to be everywhere, but this was the first day I could see it by looking up.

As I drove into downtown Minneapolis, traffic crept. The last snow “storm” I saw was in South Carolina. It snowed 6 inches, and school was canceled for five days.

This morning I saw kids walking to the bus stop, buses up and running and schools opening their doors at the usual time.

My co-workers helped me layer up and put on the right boots. And then I hit the streets with my partner, photographer Garrett Young.

I ran into some high school kids who told me to dress right. They said hats, scarves and Uggs are staples around here.

Then we headed over to Theodore Wirth Ski Chalet. Ingrid taught me to ski. I wasn’t very good. I fell. Then we tried skate skis. Those were better.

After that, I shoveled snow for the first time. A nice man named Ghari let me pitch in. Now I know, use your legs. I also got to operate a snow blower, takes some strength.

Observation form the day: When you’re working or playing, you forget about the cold. Snow is relative, so is the temperature.

It seems the only thing better than the Minnesota ice is Minnesota nice.


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