MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The closer we get to spring, the harder it is to deal with a snowy commute into work. Such was the case Monday morning.

It made some drivers worry about what was awaiting them on the ride-home Monday night. But while this March morning came in a little bit like a lion, commuter Jeff Welder says the ride home was like a lamb.

“It was easy. Easy commute coming back. Almost typical times,” Welder said.

But by 8 p.m. Monday night, flakes were starting to fall once again. MnDOT was already asking drivers to proceed with extreme caution Tuesday morning.

Even if most commuters don’t prefer what lies ahead, the storm is at least providing Hyland Hills patrons like Joe Dertinger with some fresh powder.

“I wish it would have happened earlier because we could have used it. But take what you can get,” Dertinger said.

MnDOT always encourages drivers to drive slowly on snowy roads and stay back at least five car lengths behind snow plows.

John Lauritsen


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