MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – You’re not supposed to flush leftover prescription drugs down the toilet because they end up in our lakes and rivers. We don’t want them in landfills because they’ll dissolve into the soil.

Instead you take them to a drop-off box run by a local sheriff. Renee from Detroit Lakes wondered: What do the cops do with unused prescription drugs?

The problem is that 10 percent of prescription drugs are legally controlled substances, like codeine and oxycontin – so federal law only lets law enforcement collect them.

In Hennepin County, and everywhere, deputies take the medicines to an incinerator where they are destroyed.


Before I go on the air, sometimes I get goose bumps. Ten-year-old Ben Silverglate from Eagan wants to know: What are goose bumps and why do we get them?

Well, it’s the same as a porcupine raising its quills. Goose bumps are tiny muscle contractions by the tiny muscles attached to our body hairs.

The muscle clenches and pulls the hair straight up. When it contracts, it pulls on the skin and a little bump forms.

Why do you get them when you’re scared or cold? It’s a little jerk of adrenaline that tells your body that something is wrong.


And we’ve had so many questions about this lately. Sandy from St. Paul and Elisa on Twitter wanted to know about the tattoo logo you see in our promos.

Does someone really have a Good Question tattoo?

Actually I have one. OK, just kidding. It’s just a graphic design, created by Chad Haag. I’d like to think the image is a little like the segment: fun, a little edgy, and unexpected. I love it, Chad!

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Jason DeRusha