MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Even though there’s still a lot of snow on the ground, it’s not too early to start thinking about the home repairs you’ll want to make this spring. Experts say there are plenty of things you can do around your house now to get a head start.

Most homeowners think that you only need to clean gutters in the fall. But for many people homeowners with oak trees around their home – that’s not the case. March may be as crucial as October for gutter cleaning for these leaf-heavy properties.

Settergren Ace Hardware’s biggest sellers are still shovels and salt. But they are quickly making their own annual transformation. They have the seeds out for planting, and the outside cleaning supplies that hook right up to your hose

Things can start leaking when you’re not watching. Rich Miller of Prairie Home Inspection says start with checking for leaks in the basement. Everything outside is melting and it might not be draining in the right spot.

“You can hire people to do this, but you can do this yourself. It’s not rocket science. You can look down and see is there any early moisture coming in,” Miller said.

Change the batteries on your smoke detector.

“A good time to do them is when daylight savings comes and goes because then it’s easy to remember,” he said.

And don’t forget your window screens. Now is the time to clean and repair any tears or rips. But for those who aren’t as handy, head on over to hardware stores like Settergren’s, where you can beat the crowds when spring officially arrives.

Miller says that 95-99 percent of leaky basements can be solved with landscaping, which is much cheaper than a sump pump. For example, he recommends having the dirt slope away from your house so water doesn’t get inside.

As far as roofs are concerned, many contractors recommend replacing any roof shingles and nail popping. And when it comes to air conditioner, clean off your coils and check that your unit is level to make sure you’re getting the best air flow when you turn it on this spring.

Heather Brown