MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A new store in Minneapolis is giving cyclists a chance to take part in the process of building their dream bike.

The Handsome Cycles opened on Saturday.

Rather than doing repairs and selling other manufacturers’ bikes, Handsome specializes in building custom bicycles piece by piece.

“We do a lot less than a normal bike shop, but the things that we do do, I think we do extremely well,” Ben Morrison said.

One of those things is actually clothing.

“We build bikes for transportation, for getting around — an everyday bike,” Morrison said.

It’s all meant to fit a cycling lifestyle, something they accomplish by giving customers a hands on experience.

At Handsome, they walk you through the build of your bike step-by-step — from frame, to handlebars, to drive train, tires, and even the color and decals on the bike.

So not only do you get a bike that fits how you ride, it’ll fit who you are.

“We found more and more that people are taking their bicycles really personally, it feels like an extension of themselves,” Morrison said.

The shop is a partnership between Handsome Cycles, and One on One bikes, which is right next door.

So, if you do need to get a bike repaired, you don’t have to travel far.

A custom built bike is around $2,000 on the high end, others are about $950. And through a project with World Bicycle Relief, for every bicycle that Handsome Cycles sells, a complete bike will be donated to a community in Africa.