By Mike Lynch ….We have a good chance to see a rare comet tonight. It’s Comet Panstarrs and it should be visible to the naked eye in the low western sky around 7:45 to a little after 8pm in the evening twilight. It’ll resemble a fuzzy star with a short tail pointing to the upper left. You really need to have a clear unobstructed view of the western horizon to see it. The new crescent moon can help you find it. Comet Panstarrs will be a little over 20 degrees to the lower right of the moon…or a little over about two of your fist widths to the lower right of that pretty crescent moon. Comet Panstarrs should continue to be visible (weather permitting) in the low western evening twilight at through the weekend. Panstarrs like all comets is basically a “dirty snowball” of rock and ice that’s partially melted as it passed by the sun. Right now it’s a little over 100 million miles from Earth on its way to the cold depths of the solar system never to be seen again.


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