MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The 12-year-old boy who allegedly reported a hoax shooting at New Prague Middle School Wednesday will face a felony terroristic threat charge and another charge for dialing 911.

On Wednesday, authorities said they received a call around 7:55 a.m. regarding a school shooting in room 105 at the middle school. Police from 12 different towns and agencies responded, including local departments, the State Patrol and ambulance crews.

The 911 call said there was a person “with an AK-47,” and that two people had been injured. The building was placed under a “code red” lockdown while police responded to the scene.

After an investigation and search of the building, police determined that no shooting occurred. All students were deemed safe and no threat was determined.

The police chief said the student called in the prank using a deactivated cell phone, which was only capable of making 911 calls. At this time, they do not know what the student’s motivation was for the prank calls.

The boy’s attorney Marsh Halberg appeared in Scott County Juvenile court with his client on Thursday. Halberg says the boy may not fully understand what his alleged actions put frightened parents through.

“He’s just not in a position to absorb all of that at this point,” said Halberg. “I think at some point as part of the learning tool, I certainly hope that he will see the videos of these terrorized parents rushing to the school imagining the worst.”

Halberg said on Wednesday the boy has some “life issues,” but has not been in any legal trouble before this incident.

The 12-year-old will remain in a juvenile detention center in Scott County through the weekend. On Monday, the boy will be back in court where attorneys can discuss the conditions of his release.

Halberg says the boy’s family plans to have around the clock surveillance on him once he’s released into the custody of his parents.