ST. PAUL (WCCO) — A Minnesota House committee will vote Thursday night on a watered down version of a gun bill that includes background checks for gun show sales. It’s far less than gun safety advocates had hoped, but the pull-back from tougher gun laws is not uncommon.

Supporters of tougher gun laws came into the session with high hopes for an assault weapons ban, ammunition restrictions and universal background checks. Like other states, it now appears very little — if anything — will happen.

Unlike the recent gun restrictions passed in New York and Colorado, the vast majority of states are not imposing tougher gun laws. In fact, some states are even going in the opposite direction — making it easier to own weapons and carry them in public.

Gun laws are getting less restrictive in Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, Kansas, Wyoming.

In South Dakota: the first state to allow all teachers to carry guns in school. In Arkansas: legalized concealed weapons in churches.

Also, 15 states have introduced bills banning federal agents from enforcing gun laws within their borders.

Here is what you NEED TO KNOW.

In Minnesota, gun rights groups beat back a ban on assault weapons, there will be no restrictions on high capacity clips and universal background checks are in serious trouble.

Some gun restrictions are moving ahead, mostly in the Northeast: New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut and also Illinois.

However, most states, like Minnesota, have found it too difficult to pass.

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