By John Lauritsen

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — When a team makes it to the state basketball tournament, the town usually follows.

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The Annandale Cardinals won their section and are playing at the Target Center. Some 3,200 people live in the town, and it feels like nearly all of them showed up to watch the Cardinals play.

In fact, the fans are so into their players that they decided to enlarge their heads and put them on styrofoam.

“I’m holding Brett Ahsenmacher. He’s one of the star players on our team,” said senior Will Dammann.

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Many think the “Big Head” fad started at the college ranks and has made its way into high school gyms. And it doesn’t stop with favorite players.

“At our section championship game we had Betty White and Chuck Norris,” said Dammann.

“When you see them get real big they are kind of creepy. But when you keep them around this size, they are good,” said senior Kaytlin Kuefler.

The big heads can be expensive to make depending on size.

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They can cost up to $50 a piece.

John Lauritsen