MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Buffalo nursing home worker has been fired after a vulnerable resident was allegedly asked to drink a mixture of cranberry juice, egg and ketchup.

According to the health department, an investigator visited the Park View Care Center in Buffalo on Aug. 28, 2012.

The investigator determined that during meal service, two staff mixed the cranberry juice, an egg and ketchup in a glass. They then asked the resident if the resident would drink the mixture, to which the resident replied, “no.” After the staff encouraged the resident, the resident lifted the glass to the resident’s mouth.

The staff members stopped the resident before the resident could drink the mixture and informed the resident that it was a joke.

The resident receives staff assistance with activities of daily living. While cognitively intact, the resident’s decision-making ability is impaired. The resident’s care plan directs staff to provide reassurance and redirection with intrusive behavior.

Before the investigator arrived, one of the staff involved in the incident was terminated and the other staff received one-on-one retraining on resident rights.

The investigator determined that facility was in compliance with resident rights.