MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Coon Rapids woman has been accused of beating her daughters, ages 10 and 16, with electrical cords for failing to clean the living room.

Julia Peter Modi Kojo, 31, now faces two counts of malicious punishment of a child in connection to the March 23, 2013, incident.

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According to the complaint, police were dispatched to the Coon Rapids residence after Kojo beat her daughters with a black phone cord and a white electrical cord. The 10-year-old victim told police that she was hit over 20 times all over her body, that the cord broke the skin on her leg and that she was bleeding as a result. She showed officers the band-aid used to cover the wound, which was soaked in blood.

The 16-year-old victim was visibly shaken and crying. Marks consistent with being hit with an electrical cord were seen on her arms, legs and back. She also said she was hit over 20 times with the cord.

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In addition to being attacked with the electrical cord, the victims told police that Kojo threatened them with a wooden deer, approximately six inches in length, with two tall, sharp antlers. Kojo allegedly pointed the antlers at the 16-year-old and made stabbing motions while threatening to kill her if she didn’t listen. Kojo then struck the 10-year-old several more times with the electrical cord, the complaint said.

When told about the potential criminal charges against her, Kojo said it was all a game and that she did not have enough energy to beat her kids.

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If convicted of both charges, Kojo could spend up to two years in prison.