MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — More areas of Minnesota have have been added to the National Weather Service’s list of areas that may have an above-average risk of flooding this spring.

There could also be flooding from ice jams in the upper part of the Minnesota River Valley and the Mississippi upstream of Anoka, according to the new NWS information.

The areas that have an increased risk for spring flooding include Montevideo on the Minnesota River, Long Prairie on the Long Prairie River, and St. Cloud in the Mississippi River.

“While severe to extreme drought conditions still exist still across the region, precipitation from December 2012 through the end of March has been near normal to even above normal in some areas,” the NWS said in a statement Friday.

As of now, the Mississippi River through the Twin Cities only demonstrates a normal risk for spring flooding.

For the full list of places that are under a normal risk of flooding, click here.

There is also a concern about “concrete frost” across southern and southwestern Minnesota, which refers to the phenomenon where the top of the soil gets wet and becomes solidly frozen, leading to runoff.