Each week on “Off the Menu” with Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, we’ll spotlight the people doing amazing things with food and drink!  This week, it was food safety, “Cult” pizzas and help with your Easter meal!

The CDC recently warned of a “resistance nightmare” and the UK top health agency called antibiotic resistance “a ticking timebomb”; they are arising especially because of antibiotic use in agriculture, and so should be of particular concern to Minnesotans.  Maryn McKenna , author of Superbug and a Wired magazine blogger says that Antibiotic resistant diseases are not in the news—but they should be (read more here)!

The Twin Cities have become a hotbed of cult pizza lately — just try to get in to Pizzeria Lola, Ann Kim’s nationally acclaimed, magazine cover-star pizza joint. And now she has opened a second spot — Hello Pizza, on France and 44th, right next to the famous Convention Grill.  It’s a New York-style pizza you can grab by the slice and the lines out the door are proving Minnesotan’s can’t get enough pizza!

Hello Pizza
Pizzeria Lola

As Easter came and went, Dara talked to Scott Pampuch, the founder of the Corner Table, one of the founders of the local locavore movement.  He talked to Dara about cooking locally, making easy last minute Easter sides, and more.

As always, you can listen to the entire podcast of Saturday’s show (click here) and for questions, tips, suggestions and more, Tweet Dara those @DearDara or send an email here!


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