MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Yes, it feels like winter today. But if you need more proof that spring is coming, consider this — April 1 is the last day for declaring snow emergencies in Minneapolis.

The city of Minneapolis had three snow emergencies this winter, which is about average. Now the season for fixing streets is underway.

“Today is the first day of our summer construction and maintenance season,” city street engineer Mike Kennedy said. “We’re bringing back all of our seasonal workers and will start this week with some of those permanent repairs, as materials become available and we’ve got the crews to do it.”

Those permanent repairs include potholes although, Kennedy says, it’s been a fairly mild pothole season so far.

Kennedy’s department oversees a thousand miles of streets and 400 miles of alleys, not to mention all the bridges and sewers that get attention during the spring and summer months.

Minneapolis residents with concerns about potholes or other issues can call 311.