MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Like most baseball fans, Twins fans love seeing the long ball — even if it is just in batting practice.

But the idea of paying to see batting practice was more like a strike-out than a home run.

“I wouldn’t want to pay it. I already have a ticket. I don’t know why I can’t I come ahead of time before the game,” said Rob Mortenson, a fan.

On Tuesday morning, the Twins sent out a press release announcing they’d be selling special tickets to watch batting practice.

If you had a game ticket, you could pay an extra $15 at the box office to get in early. They were going to allow 60 people a game to do this. It would generate about $900 a game, or $72,900 for the season.

But just six hours after the first press release was sent out, a second press release was sent out. That one contained a correction and an apology.

In it, Twins spokesman Chris Iles said the batting practice promotion was not happening because, it “was not fully vetted across the Twins organization.”

He added that the Twins, “apologize for a lack of internal communication.”

In other words, they had committed an error off the field.

“As someone who has worked in public relations for a while I know that’s the hardest one to send- the retraction,” said Ryan Maus, a Twins fan.

Maus has been a season ticket holder for three years. He compares the Twins to a pitcher who had bad day and deserves another start.

“I guess you have to give them a little bit of credit for recognizing their mistake and saying this was not the best idea ever,” Maus said.

About half the teams in Major League Baseball have an early entry program.

Twins spokesman Kevin Smith said the Twins have no intention of charging for batting practice in the future.

President Dave St. Peter said the retraction had nothing to do with fan reaction.


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