MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There is a great place to escape the snow and ice outside right now. It’s in South Minneapolis, inside Bachman’s Spring Ideas house.

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It’s a home near the Bachman’s floral center on Lyndale that’s all dressed up with the latest trends in home decor for spring.

From the color to the textures, it’s bound inspire you to spruce your own home. The colors are what first grab your attention. The walls are painted gray, white and yellow, a clean, simplified look, with some elements of nature mixed in and plenty of greenery.

Sarah Pitts of Bachman’s marketing team gave WCCO a tour of the house and its best features.

Pitts pointed out little flowers floating in glass enclosures hanging from a curtain rod.

“These are just little terrariums,” she said. “We’ve hung them from a curtain rod. You can hang them anywhere. They are easy to care for.”

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Next, inside the dining room is a magnificent table setting, continuing the yellow and gray theme.

“The great idea with this table top is the idea of layering, different colors and textures,” she said. “We started with paintable wallpaper as the runner, then some gray slate table tiles, then layered it with yellow flowers and candles.”

In a bedroom, Pitts showed off a non-traditional window treatment — an old wooden fence hung upside down as a valance.

“This one is stunning,” Sarah said. “It’s just simply salvaged garden fence. We’ve wrapped it in grapevine and stems and little lights that turn on and off. A cute statement piece for a girl.”

And on the walls downstairs was something else familiar yet fascinating.

“This is a great idea, the whole purpose of this house is to give people little ideas they can incorporate at home,” Pitts said. “This is a salvaged garden piece that we’ve repainted with that trendy yellow color and then taken it and put it on the wall against some vintage wallpaper.”

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You can go see the Spring Ideas House through Sunday, April 28. Tickets are $5. For more information, check out their website.