MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It takes about one minute to clear each seat of snow at Target Field. Now multiply that by 39,000.

Head groundskeeper Larry DiVito says keeping the diamond and outfield safe has been no easy task for his guys. But when the gates opened for Friday’s game, the field was ready for action.

Besides snow-free seats, another perk was the free hot cocoa given to fans. Nine-years-old Benjamin Brown says it was well worth the trip from Winona. In fact, he says no amount of snow would keep him from seeing his team in person.

“I have Twins posters, I have a lot of Twins cards,” Brown said.

Heat lamps, blankets and creative hats helped fans cope with conditions. One man wore a Twins cap over a toasty coyote fur hat.

And the beer guys say they saved money on ice. In fact, the cold even helped them make a little more money.

Larry DiVito says the outfield was kept at 70 degrees Friday night, which is the warmest the field has ever been at Target Field. Usually, they keep it around 64 degrees.


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