MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This Minnesota April has been highly unusual for the Minnesota Twins — a rain-out, a snow-out and several days with game-time temperatures around freezing.

So why not move the game on bad-weather days to the Twins’ old home, the Metrodome?

“The Twins, technically, could play here, but they’re not set up to do that,” said Michele Kelm-Helgen, the chair of the Minnesota Sports-Facilities Authority.

She says the Twins have never asked.

“They would have to approach us,” she said. “Would we accommodate it? Sure.”

“It’s just not feasible. We play at Target Field, that’s where we play,” said Kevin Smith, vice-president of communication for the Twins.

He added: “They changed the baseball field when we left. It’s not a Major League Baseball-ready facility.”

The infield no longer has dirt on the mound and the base paths, for example.

“It wasn’t even contemplated in any way shape or form. I don’t know if the league would let us do it,” Smith said.

Plus, even without the Twins, the Metrodome is largely booked. Last week it was covered with dirt for a motocross championship event. Now it’s booked with high school and college baseball games.

Kelm-Helgen said it would be able possible to cancel those games, theoretically, if they had an arrangement to be a backup for the Twins.

But setting up concessions, security, TV and radio broadcasts would all be nearly impossible.

“Everything…changed when the Twins left,” she said.

The seat numbers and rows and sections, of course, wouldn’t line up. So if you had front row seats in Target Field, you wouldn’t have a comparable seat at the Dome.

“I don’t think you’d like that if you were a Champions Club seat-holder,” Smith said.

The team would have to just let everyone for general admission seats, he said. Essentially, you’d have to just have the game – no concessions, no broadcast, and minimal fans.

Rainouts, Smith said, are part of baseball in every market – Minnesota April weather or otherwise. Would fans rather watch an April game in the Metrodome, or just wait and watch it at Target Field in August?

“For one game, it wouldn’t be worth it,” Smith said.

Jason DeRusha