MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Wild are in the middle of a playoff push, but Wild forward Charlie Coyle’s thoughts have largely been elsewhere this week.

“That’s more important stuff out there. Keeping everyone safe. And you’ve got family back there, so you’re always worried and stuff like that,” Coyle said.

Most of Coyle’s family lives in the Boston area. He’s from Weymouth, a south suburb, and played hockey for Boston University.

“I knew a few people who were kinda working it and around the area, but nowhere close to where the bombings went off,” he said. “Everyone’s good. Obviously you have to feel for the families that are affected, but no one close to me or anyone I knew.”

Despite three games in four days, Coyle kept a close eye on the coverage of what was happening back home.

“I tried to keep up with it as much as I could,” he said.

And he was watching when they caught the second suspect Friday night with mixed emotion.

“It was kind of relieving to know that they finally caught the suspects, but you can’t forget, obviously, the families that were affected and everyone else who was affected by the tragedy,” he said.

He’ll also never forget the way his city responded.

“Everyone’s kind of pulling for each other and helping each other out and that’s the beauty of it. There might be some bad people out there, but I think there’s more good than bad and that was a big example of it,” he said. “It’s a shame it happens, but it does bring everyone together, closer together, and that’s just the way Boston is.”


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