MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Twelve dozen eggs and six gallons of milk are on the weekly grocery list for one family — and that list will soon be getting bigger.

Meet Giana Audrey. She is now the tenth child of Jim and Jeni Bradac.

“[Giana] came out at a 10-4 – 10 pounds, 4 ounces,” Jim Bradac said recently.

The Bradacs are from Hudson, Wis., and while there are hospitals much closer to them, the Bradacs chose to deliver all of their children at St. Joseph’s Hospital in St. Paul, Minn.



Not only were all ten of the Bradac children born there, their father was also born at St. Joseph’s, along with his seven brothers and sisters.

The family’s loyalty to St. Joseph’s is due to the dedication of the hospital’s nurses.

Jim said that when Jeni gave birth to their first child, Jim’s mother recognized a nurse when she came to visit.

Turns out, the nurse was one who’d helped deliver Jim’s siblings decades earlier.

Jim and Jeni have four boys and six girls. The ages of the children range from 21 years old to just days days old.

Although life in a 10-child family is sometimes chaotic, the Bradac say they wouldn’t trade it.

“As for the younger ones, you can buy them whatever toy you want, and it’ll get played with for a week or two, but, I’ll tell you what, a little brother or sister never gets old,” Jim said.

Jim is now 50 and Jeni is 43. But will there be an eleventh child?

“I think we’re very happy with the 10 that God blessed us with,” Jim said.

It should be said that all 10 of the Bradac babies were natural child births…and not one of the babies weighed under nine pounds.