MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A restaurant that’s popular in the summer has opened its doors for the season just in time.

Tin Fish on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis is off to a late start, but it’s expecting a busy day as on Friday, the sun came out and the temperature hit 60 for the first time in several months.

After this long winter filled with snow and freezing temperatures, we’re all looking for any excuse to be outdoors. And now for the first time this year, many of us are able to enjoy our lunch out in the sunshine.

Tin Fish Restaurant is only offering a limited menu of sandwiches, fish and chips and fried shrimp.

“We’re really excited. The Tin Fish opening up is just a sign of spring, and it’s been a long winter so it’s a good thing to be opening. All winter long we have people who know our faces, my husband and I, and when it starts to be a long winter they ask when you’re going to be open because when you’re open, spring is here,”

SeaSalt near Minnehaha Falls opened on April 5, but will finally be able to take advantage of this nice weather. The owner of Bread and Pickle on Lake Harriet is hoping to open on Wednesday.


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