MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you’re looking to re-do your home or start from scratch, there’s a new design studio in town.

It’s called Mingle. Unlike some design centers, everything you see inside is for sale, including some concepts unique to the Twin Cities.

Melissa Musgjerd helps customers weave classics with trends.

“It’s all about the texture, it’s all about the glitz,” she said.

What’s not trendy is letting everything match. She wants people to let their accessories pop.

The store also houses experts, such as Penne Purdum, who knows a lot about plumbing.

There’s a special toilet that’s known to save marriages — the lid and seat put itself up and down. And it cleans itself. Also in their bathroom collection is a whole lot of shower heads.

“You’ve got overhead showers we call rain showers, you’ve got handle showers and you’ve got just regular shower heads as well as body sprays,” Purdum said.

And since it’s such a personal decision to pick what you want, the store lets you try all of them out.

They also offer steam and aromatherapy.


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