Gov. Mark Dayton initially proposed taxing Minnesota clothing sales that were more than $100. After protests he had to pull that off the table.

Now, the Minnesota Senate has revived the idea with a budget proposal to expand the sales tax to all clothing.

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It’s proving a tough sell.

Senate Democrats had to try twice before they could pass their budget proposal this week. That’s more than embarrassing when you are in the majority.

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Both the DFL-controlled House and the Governor say they are now opposed to the increase. Minnesotans have gotten used to not paying the tax.

Entire businesses, including many at the Mall of America, say their success is based on the lack of a clothing sales tax. With the DFL in control at the Capitol, you would think compromise would be easier. The fact that it’s not may haunt DFL House members and the Governor who are all up for re-election in 2014.

The Senate, which is not up until 2016 has more time for taxpayers to absorb any unpopular moves and an inability, at least so far, to set a coherent fiscal agenda.

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And if the Senate, House and Governor can’t agree on a tax plan, I am sure Republicans will be quick to point out that Democrats have no one to blame but themselves.

Esme Murphy