MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — “Do not forget about these people,” that is the message of the foundation established in Jacob Wetterling’s name.

Each piece of flier on the wall represents a story, and a family who’s been left to tell it.

Amy Pagnac’s mom, Susan, remembers her daughter fondly.

“Very active, sometimes a little hyperactive, but that was part of her charm,” she said.

It’s believed Amy Pagnac was abducted in 1989 from a gas station in Osseo.

She was just a teenager.

“I can talk about what she was like as a child, unfortunately, I have been deprived of knowing her as an adult,” her mother said.

When she heard about the rescue of three other Midwestern girls, it saved some of her own hope and her husband’s.

“You just wonder, when will that next report come where they say, ‘Hey, we found Amy,'” Susan Pagnac said.

Alison Feigh grew up with Jacob Wetterling who went missing at 11 years old. Now, she helps run the foundation in his name for others with his story.

The news hit her hard.

“I was out of breath, in a good way. I lost my breath when I heard about this,” she said.

Feigh said it is proof there is hope.

“Just the promise that that gives to our families is heartening, is so wonderful, it makes the work worth it,” she said.

Susan Pagnac said when you are missing a loved one hope is what fuels you.

Patty Wetterling, Jacob’s mom, says for her, it was also a huge sign of hope.

“I collect these things. I have a notebook at home of kids who’ve made it home because I keep asking myself, what has to happen. How do we get there, what hasn’t happened for Jacob?” she said.

The foundation said if you want to help, look closely, study the faces of the missing Minnesotans. To do so, click here.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield