By Cole Premo

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — When a musical has people humming, singing (sometimes hysterically) and air-guitar-playing the hit songs of the show before it even starts, it’s gonna be a good time.

Yes, ‘Rock Of Ages: The Musical” is a different kind of show. Not many musicals can encourage fans to dress up in 80s garb just to rock out in the audience. It’s that kind of show. You have to expect that, however, when you feature the classic larger-than-life themes, big-haired bands and mega-hits from the 80s.

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Quick side note: For those of you who might be reluctant to see a musical in general, Rock Of Ages is unique in the fact that it has the ability to reach a wider audience — blending a classic musical with a fist-pumping rock concert atmosphere. I love rock concerts, and, at times, I felt like I was at one.

Anyways, I’m fairly ignorant when it comes to what constitutes a spoiler, so I’ll be subtle in my description of the overall show, and try to keep hidden what might be revealing.

First off, you might not want to bring your kids to this show. Among other mature themes, the show includes strippers, foul language and plenty of poop jokes.

But that’s what makes it fun for the rest of us.

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The story features a music venue/bar, The Bourbon Room, and all the drama that occurs around it, including the classic love between two characters, Drew and Sherrie, who are struggling to make it in the big, wide, over-sparkled world.

Drew, a bar back/bathroom cleaner at the Bourbon Room, dreams of making it big as a rock musician, but can’t find the right inspiration to connect with listeners. That is, until Sherrie comes into the scene, providing exactly just what Drew needs — whether he realizes or not.

Then, there’s a major rift between the two … that being (cough) Stacy Jaxx, the front man of the fictional rock powerhouse, Arsenal.

While not giving away anything major, Drew receives some advice (by the amazing narrator) and is urged to “screw the writer” and write his own destiny. Whether or not that ends with him melting faces on the stage – or reconnecting with his beloved Sherrie – is for you to see.

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Rock of Ages will be in Minneapolis until May 19 for five shows. Tickets ($34-$94) are still available. For ticket info. or more information, click here.