MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — When gay marriage was signed into law in Minnesota Tuesday, it was met with cheers at the Capitol, but it was also met with some serious opposition centered around faith.

However, on Sunday at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist, some members celebrated.

The pastor, Bruce Robbins said, “The church supports all inclusion of the LGBT community in the life of the church.”

That was evident at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist’s 9:30 a.m. service. From the pulpit, a speaker said it has been a week where people’s dreams have come true.

Robbins knows that it’s not unanimous amongst Christians. In his church, he says about a fifth of the crowd isn’t behind gay marriage. But he says most are, like one of the choir members, Kenneth Weakley who says, “I can’t say how much I appreciate Minnesota.”

Weakly says homosexuality and Christianity are not mutually exclusive — both of those words describe him. He’s got a partner of 30 years and he has a faith. He says during the debate over marriage, Christians who support gay marriage were not as widely heard.

Robbins says he’s been trying to help the church, and its members, to be heard.

”I’ve been wanting to demonstrate to the community that we welcome all people here. That’s why we put the signs out. That’s why we advertise in Lavender Magazine,” said Robbins.

He says he knows, just like in the legislature, not everyone has the same view, but he’s hoping some will now see theirs.

This is not a blanket issue with Christians. Minnesotans for Marriage, who opposed the vote, have a list of churches who support them.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield