MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On Tuesday, Daniel Richard Pool, 27, was simply doing his job. He was mowing the lawn at the Coachman Highland Townhomes on Snowflake Drive in Eagan when he felt something hit him the head.

“He thought he got hit by a rock,” said Collin Merril, owner of Suburban Landscape Service and SLS Design.

The object hit the left side of Pool’s temple and knocked him unconscious. The commercial lawnmower he was riding locked up and shut off, leaving skid marks in the grass.

“I took him to the ER, and when the doctor came back in he had felt inside of his temple a BB in there and at that point the doctor said ‘you got shot,’” Merril said.

Now, Eagan police are questioning neighbors in the area trying to figure out who pulled the trigger.

Merril believes it may have been a disgruntled resident annoyed by the sound of the mower.

Merril talked with the property manager at Coachman Highland Townhomes and said they will no longer service the property.

“Sitting in the emergency room with my employee, I said to myself ‘We’re never setting foot on that property again,’” Merril said. “We’re here to cut the grass, and my guy got shot in the head with a BB gun. I still can’t believe it.”

Pool is recovering from his injury after doctors removed the BB pellet from his head. The shot came within inches of his left eye.