MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For the Twin Cities, the cold and rainy weather has dramatically slowed landscaping and gardening projects.

Whether it’s a major patio project, or planting a home garden, everything seems to be a month behind.

“This is by far the most difficult spring as long as I have been doing this, and I have been doing this 13 years,” said Josh Kiecker, owner of Sculptured Earth.

Kiecker said there is nothing he can really do but wait until everything dries out. He said trying to rush plants in now would not work.

“They are not going to thrive the way they should,” Kiecker said. “There are going to be air pockets that are going to let roots dry out.”

It’s not just the professionals who are having a hard time. Homeowners who look forward to their landscaping and gardening projects every year are feeling frustrated.

Lynn Bandh was loading up for her first haul of the year at a garden center. She is not sure when she will be able to plant.

“I don’t know if I am going to be able to put them in it might be too muddy,” she said. “It’s frustrating. It’s like summer isn’t here yet and normally I would have a lot of this done.”

Esme Murphy