MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In baseball, there’s nothing we value more than perfection.

We celebrate perfect games, no-hitters, and 4-for-4 days at the plate because they are so rare.

But perfection is equally rare in the classroom.

Jordan Sell, a Wayzata center fielder, has talents that extend far beyond the diamond.

Yes, he’s hitting .367 for top-seeded Wayzata, but his batting average can’t come close to his intellect.

“He’s very focused on whatever he does, whether it be athletics or academics,” father Jim Sell said.

So Jordan took that same focus with him, when he took his ACTs. And he got a 35 — one point short of a perfect score.

“So I was hungry for the 36,” Jordan said.

So he took it again. And just like a hanging curveball, he nailed it – a perfect 36.

“The scores came out at midnight,” he said. “And so I stayed up until midnight so I could check the scores. And I was really excited. It took everything I had to not wake up my whole family to tell them.”

Perfection left his father shocked.

“I knew he was a smart kid, but certainly had no expectation of him scoring a 36,” Jim said.

That’s because Jordan has always had a goal in mind. Most kids grow up wanting to be a baseball player. He’s always wanted to be a doctor.

“It’s pushed me a lot,” Jordan said. “I’ve had that goal in mind pretty much my whole middle school and high school career, and it gives me something to work for.”

There’s a lot of similarities between the way he approaches baseball, and the books.

“In both, I’m a very competitive person,” he said. “So I always want to be the best person, whether it’s in the classroom or out on the field.”

Oh, and Jordan said he didn’t really do anything special to prepare for the test.

He bought a study book, but he credits his normal class schedule with getting him ready.

Next year, he plans on attending the University of Minnesota.

Wayzata will play for the sectional title Saturday morning.


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