WILLMAR, Minn. (WCCO) — Willmar police are asking for the public’s help in identifying suspects who allegedly burned two American flags on June 1 near downtown Willmar.

Willmar Police believe the incidents happened around 1:09 a.m. Saturday near Fifth Street Southwest and 7th Street and Litchfield Ave Southwest.

“The charges relating to this act are arson and criminal damage to property,” said Chief David Wyffels.

Wyffels says nothing else occurred that would raise the crime to a level of terrorism. He says whoever did it didn’t leave any messages that would lead police to believe it was a bias crime.

Police received calls from the Willmar community saying the vandalism was committed by Somali-Americans. Wyffels says those were unfounded statements.

“We’re not looking for any additional speculation,” Wyffels said. “Nothing has been brought to our attention to prove that that these are correct statements.”

Surveillance cameras caught images of four people leaving the area. The images are poor in quality, because they’re screen captures of security video. The investigation is ongoing and any information is appreciated, authorities say.

Call Detective Kolstad at 320-214-6700 (ext. 3214) or dispatch at 320-235-2244.

Suspect No. 2 (credit: Willmar Police)

Suspect No. 2 (credit: Willmar Police)


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