MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Surveys say gorillas are one of America’s favorite zoo animals.

And that’s no secret to the folks at Como Park and Conservatory.

That’s why they’ve dedicated $11 million to an exhibit redesign featuring seven charismatic gorillas, all part of Gorilla Forest.

The exhibit is the largest all-mesh gorilla attraction in North America.

Como Park’s Senior Zoo Keeper Allison Jungheim said the biggest attraction is a male named Schroeder.

“He’s the big guy on campus now,” she said.

He’s been placed with three female gorillas with the hope maybe there will one day be a baby gorilla.

“He’s right around 500 pounds,” she said. “He can go all the way up to 520, but the ladies have been a little distracting, so he hasn’t been as interested in food.”

There are seven gorillas in total in the exhibit, and six of them are new to Como Zoo.

“They did show interest in each other right away,” she said. “They’re curious animals — they want to be together.”

In fact, there’s a lot about gorillas that are a lot like humans.

“Their facial features, the way they express themselves, you can tell it’s very human-like,” she said.

For more information on the exhibit, click here.


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