GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. (WCCO) – Frank Vascellaro and Chris Shaffer are heading to lakes all over Minnesota and western Wis. for an entire week!

On Day 1, the boys are at Sugar Lake Lodge on Sugar Lake in Grand Rapids – which is just three and a half hours north of the Twin Cities.

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Sugar Lake is called a “marl” lake, which means it has a high concentration of calcium carbonates which settle at the bottom, giving the lake a deep turquoise appearance. On a clear day you can see more than 20 feet below the surface.

People from all over the country started coming to Grand Rapids a long time ago because trains came through the city for lumber. They recognized the place as a vacation gem, which is why so many resorts and cabins exist today.

Here is the full schedule for Frank and Chris’s 2013 “Goin’ To The Lake” road trip. Click here to suggest places for them to visit:

Monday, June 10: Grand Rapids
Monday, June 11: Alexandria
Monday, June 12: Deerwood
Monday, June 13: Chetek, Wis.
Monday, June 14: Lanesboro

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Watch the videos below as Frank and Chris check out Judy Garland’s childhood home, take a plane ride over Grand Rapids and much more.

Frank & Chris On Grand Rapids’ History

The Judy Garland Museum

Click here to read Frank’s story on the museum

Frank & Chris Get Bird’s Eye View Of Grand Rapids

Can Frank & Chris Cut It As Lumberjacks?

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